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House prices have been high. It's really difficult to buy a large family house, so many people look at the second-hand housing market, but most of the second-hand houses are sold after people have lived. You may not like the previous style very much, so you need to carry out secondary decoration, but second-hand houses are different from ordinary houses, and there are many precautions in the decoration design process, So what do you know about the precautions for the decoration of second-hand houses? Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian is here to introduce the precautions for the decoration of second-hand houses

precautions for decoration of second-hand houses first, do not ignore the acceptance of second-hand houses

since the decoration of second-hand houses has been living for a period of time or even more than 5 to 10 years, whether there are quality problems or whether there have been major repairs is a problem to be clear before decoration. In addition to some invisible concealed works to be checked and judged, some seemingly new parts should be paid special attention to

concealed works: check the aging of wires, corrosion of water pipes and illegal construction in the early stage of the old house. It can be said that concealed works are the most important thing in the decoration of second-hand houses, because water and electricity are the basis of household life. If there is a problem with water and electricity, it will only be a very serious problem

wall surface: if the wall or roof is newly painted, it may be to cover the cracks on the wall or water seepage from the ceiling. In case of similar situations, buyers should pay special attention

furniture: it should be to see whether it meets your own needs and whether the old and new situations should be included in the changes; Whether the doors and windows are seriously damaged, etc; Therefore, these should be checked and accepted in the mode of fine decoration house, which is relatively safe

doors and windows: pay attention to whether the doors and windows are aging. If the problem is serious, they must be removed and redone. Doors and windows can be said to be the protector of home. If they are not maintained in time, they will be damaged

precautions for second-hand house decoration. Second, the design structure is also a kind of saving.

second hand house decoration should not be done according to the imagination of the owner, but according to the actual needs, so as to ensure that there is no waste. Some decoration companies can get more benefits after repairing, and always think that all the points that can be preserved can be removed, which will cause great waste to the owners. Compared with the decoration of new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses has many differences, which is more prone to waste and pollution. To sum up, the owner should pay attention to these aspects by "retaining the design structure"

precautions for second-hand house decoration III. The budget for second-hand house decoration should be done like this.

the budget price and the amount of construction are inseparable. The work done on a duplex floor: wall treatment; All facilities in the bathroom and kitchen, including ceramic tiles, are removed and renovated; In addition, this house is a duplex structure with an attic. The previous owner paved the floor on the attic. Now the customer wants to make a bathroom on the attic, which is more complicated. First, the space on the attic is not large, which is not good for layout; The second is to consider the location of water supply and drainage and waterproof problems when making a toilet

remind the owner: if it is not necessary, try to save the facilities as much as possible

precautions for decoration of second-hand houses IV. several points needing attention in demolition and reconstruction

1. Waterway reconstruction is like dredging blood vessels. In the decoration of second-hand houses, the original waterway pipelines generally have many unreasonable layouts or are corroded, so the waterway is thoroughly inspected. If the original pipelines are obsolete galvanized pipes, they must all be replaced with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes during construction. Recently, there have been many PP-R pipes, which must be replaced

2. Circuit transformation is very fatal. The decoration of second-hand houses generally has the phenomena of simple circuit distribution, aging wires, illegal wiring and so on, which can no longer meet the power demand of modern families, so it must be completely transformed and rewired during decoration. In the past, aluminum wire was used, so we need to replace it with the copper wire we use now, and PVC insulated protective conduit should be used. For the installation of high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, the lines should be run separately. Simply put, it's about starting over. As for sockets, we must add more sockets, because the number of sockets in second-hand houses cannot reach the current number of electrical appliances, so this is the decoration must be changed

3. There are many key points in ceramic tile removal and floor renovation: when smashing wall tiles and floor tiles, avoid debris blocking the sewer; Only solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4mm can be renovated. In addition, local renovation will also cause the difference between the old and new floors. Therefore, consumers cannot renovate the floors blindly

4. The article of "surface" should be done well. During the decoration, the transformation of the wall, ground and ceiling of the second-hand house is the easiest to be ignored. The original decoration of the old house generally uses hydrophilic gypsum putty, which needs to be completely eradicated and replaced with water-resistant putty

5. Carefully consider the renewal of doors and windows. Aging of doors and windows is also a prominent problem in second-hand houses, but if the material is solid and you also like its style, generally speaking, it can take on a new look as long as you repaint it, but if the wooden doors and windows are peeling and deformed, they must be replaced. In addition, the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows falls off, and the main body is corroded or cracked. In addition to being unsafe, it is difficult to restore the original state. In order not to affect the use effect, it should also be removed and redone

6. Leave a little more respect for furniture. Generally, after taking over the new house, Chinese people can't wait to dismantle the old furniture and buy new furniture, but don't measure the value of the furniture. This point needs attention. Sometimes we can keep it, because the volatile time of the toxic gas in the furniture is relatively long, and now they have to do it again just after the meeting is completed, and we should focus on saving resources

7. Closed water test is the most important and essential

precautions for the decoration of second-hand houses v. several safety and environmental protection issues

1. After the decoration of second-hand houses, we must clean and disinfect them. Because second-hand houses have experienced many people living, there will be some unpredictable substances, so it is best to disinfect the whole house after the decoration. Especially those who want to keep furniture can be disinfected after maintenance, and can be sprayed with 3% Lysol water, 1%-3% bleach water or 3% Peracetic acid solution. Close the window for 1 hour after sprinkling

2. "Concealed works" are the biggest hidden dangers. For example, whether the pipes, lines and equipment of water supply, air conditioning, ventilation and other facilities in the ceiling have been tested for tightness, electrical insulation and resistance, whether the connection is firm, whether the joint method meets the requirements, and whether the flammable materials have been treated for fire prevention and flame retardation are all within the scope of "concealed works", which cannot be checked after the first installation. When the old house is decorated, it is a good opportunity to reopen these parts to eliminate hidden dangers. The owner must strictly inspect and remove the "hidden works" left in the past

3. The walls of old houses should not be demolished at will, because after a period of deposition, the interior of the house is not as solid as that of the new house, and we rarely have drawings, so don't smash the load-bearing wall when demolishing, which will bring great potential safety hazards to the house and should be avoided. There are many things to pay attention to in the decoration of second-hand houses than in the decoration of new houses, and many unexpected things will happen. Therefore, the housekeeper suggests that you had better find professional personnel to arrange and take care of them, so as not to find irresponsible and inexperienced road workers to make a mystery





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