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For consumers who buy doors, after going around the decoration city and home shopping mall, you will find that the price difference of wooden doors of the same style is really big. Some are priced at twoorthree, while others are priced at thousands. Such price differences are not only different in the material of the door, but also different in the technology and content. The person in charge of the door and window Market reminded that for decoration owners who do not understand "door matters", choosing wooden doors can't just look at the price. If you are not careful, you may get into the door "set"

for consumers who buy doors, after a round of decoration cities and home shopping malls, you will find that the price difference of wooden doors of the same style is really not small. Some are priced at twoorthree, while others are priced at thousands. Such price differences are not only different in the material of the door, but also different in the process and content. The person in charge of door and window Market reminded: for those who don't understand “ Door affairs ” For decoration owners, choosing wooden doors can't just look at the price. If you're not careful, you may get into the door “ Set ” Li

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case 1: don't trust those low-cost Pullover heads. Be careful to eat dumb and have nowhere to sue.

Miss Chen, who was decorated for the first time, encountered a very hearty thing when buying the door. Due to the small decoration budget, she took a fancy to a special price solid wood craft door of a certain brand based on the principle of saving but not losing grade. The price on the advertisement was 800 yuan, which was quite exciting to see Miss Chen, I ordered four doors at once, thinking that I could make it over 3000. Unexpectedly, when I finally paid for the production of the door, I was told that it would take 10000 yuan to make and deliver. The original price of 800 yuan was only the price of a single door leaf, plus the price of the door pocket, each door would cost 2300 yuan to make it, plus the window pocket and door pocket of the same series, it would cost more than 10000. Due to the urgent construction period, Miss Chen can only eat this dumb loss. Who didn't ask herself clearly at the beginning

consumption misunderstanding: there are all kinds of doors in the market with prices ranging from 200 to 5000 yuan. Many consumers see the label price and think it is the price of the whole set of doors. In fact, these prices are also different, some are the price of a single door leaf, and some are the price of a whole set of doors (including door jambs). In order to attract consumers, some businesses will deliberately use low-cost single door fans to advertise. In fact, some wooden doors may be more than twice the price. When shopping, consumers should remember to ask the merchants clearly whether the price includes the price of the door pocket? Is the installation charged? Is there another charge for hardware

knowledge points of wooden door purchase: Although the price of ordinary wooden doors in some building materials markets is mostly quoted per unit, the price of most medium and high-end wooden doors in home shopping malls includes three parts: door leaf price, door frame price and wood line price. The door leaf is the main body of the door, which is priced by square meters; The door frame includes front and rear sides, calculated by perimeter; The wooden line is the joint part wrapped around the door frame and the wall, which is priced by meter. In addition, the prices of all solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors do not include hardware locks. Usually, the special composite solid wood door contains three parts of the price, and consumers only need to add the lock price to the original price

case 2: door pocket “ Set ” Aunt Cai, who lives in the east of the city, has always been recognized by her neighbors as a bargain maker. She was also quite smart when buying materials for the second decoration. Aunt Cai thought that if the materials were bought by the decoration company, she would spend a lot of money to the pocket of the decoration company. It would be better to clear the bag, buy all the materials by herself, and find workers to do the project. Finally, the decoration of 80 square meters of more than 20000 points would be completed, and the decoration effect was better than that of other neighbors at the same price. Such shrewd aunt Cai finally made a mistake in the door pocket. She originally thought that the door pocket was just a little wood, which didn't cost much money. When she bought the door, she was only concerned about cutting the price of the door, but the price of the door pocket was ignored. As a result, each door pocket cost an extra fourorfive hundred, and the overall price of each door was not low

consumption misunderstanding: the door pocket is commonly known as the door frame, which refers to the decorative shape set around the door. It bears the weight of the whole wooden door and can echo the overall decoration style. According to Xiaobian, the price of double-sided solid wood door covers in the market is about 180 yuan/meter, and the price of single-sided door covers is about 150 yuan/meter. The price of door covers of different tree species is different. Skirting line prices of 30 yuan/meter and 50 yuan/meter are common. The unit price of these materials is not expensive, but the pricing unit is meter, which is not a small amount. When talking about the price, some businesses will first give the price of the door a few hundred yuan, which makes consumers feel affordable. However, they may secretly raise the price of the door pocket and baseboard by a few yuan, which is hundreds or even thousands more

knowledge points of door pocket purchase: the complaint problem of wooden doors mainly lies in the door pocket. Sometimes a door leaf is often intact, but the joint between the door leaf and the door pocket has become loose, because with the increase of the number of wooden door openings, the screws will slowly loosen, the door leaf will gradually sink, resulting in poor opening and closing, scraping the ground, and it may damage your floor or wall during maintenance, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, when selecting the door pocket, we should pay attention to that first of all, the door pocket must eat nails, and its nail holding force is strong, so that the door leaf is not easy to fall off: second, the waterproof of the door pocket is very important, especially for the door of the bathroom. Once the door pocket is damp, its surface will be black, expanded, peeled, cracked, and sometimes cause the phenomenon of explosion and splitting

tips: buying door selection skills

first, look at the style and color. When choosing a wooden door, the first thing to consider is the harmony between the style of the wooden door and the style of the color living room. The decorative style is stable and simple, so choose generous and concise styles; Lively and lively, we choose to match lightness and elegance; Classical ease is decorated with thick elegance

second, look at the color system. Good color matching is the key element of the tingdian room, so after we determine the style, we should next consider the matching of the color of the wooden door and the color of the room. The color matching of the room is basically similar to the chromaticity, with contrast factors added. We can first divide the color image and brightness of the room environment, which can be divided into three color systems: wall, floor, furniture and soft decoration. Basically, it's OK to keep these three major color systems, not too much

III. by hand. After careful consideration of style and color, then there is the problem of product technology and quality. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturer and watch how it is processed. We can only evaluate the process quality of products through simple appearance inspection. Here we teach you two ways: hand touch and side light. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand. It is required to be soft and delicate without scratching. Then stand on the side of the door to face the light to see if there are concave and convex waves on the paint surface of the door panel. Basically, we can know whether the workmanship is qualified by these two items

IV. relevant qualification certificates of inspection materials and manufacturers. Try to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation, and measure the product structure by checking whether the manufacturer's relevant qualification certificates are complete and true compared with relevant industry standards. Before installation, pay attention to the final check by checking the internal materials of the door lock hole

question: what is the difference in the price of finished wooden doors? How can consumers identify and buy products with reasonable cost performance

there is a price difference between different processes

at present, the wooden finished doors on the market are divided into molded doors and riveted doors in terms of technology. Due to the different processes, technologies and materials, the prices vary greatly

the structure of the molded wooden door is somewhat like a sandwich. On both sides are simulated wood grain decorative paper panels with concave convex shape, solid wood strips as keel frames, and the internal hollow parts are filled with various sound insulation materials, which are firmly bonded with waterproof glue. The price is mainly based on the difference of facade materials and core materials. The price of a door is generally between 180-800 yuan

all parts of the riveted door are processed separately and connected by the traditional riveting process. The finished product has a sense of massiness, good hand feel, strong three-dimensional sense, especially exquisite workmanship and linetype, and high flatness and accuracy. However, the price of each fan of this kind of products is mostly more than 800 yuan, which is difficult for wage earners with low income to accept

tree species determine the cost

the high-end wooden doors in the market all use precious wood to show the grade style of the room and the cultural cultivation of the owner. According to the different tree species, the price difference of each door is very large. The price of solid wood doors made of walnut, cherry, Shabili, shadow wood, maple, teak and other valuable tree species ranges from 800 yuan to 2000 yuan, while the price of wood doors processed by pine, fir and other tree species is slightly lower. When purchasing, consumers should require businesses to indicate the tree species on the invoice, so as to protect their rights in case of such problems

the dosage varies greatly

the frame of the pure solid wood door is made of a whole log brace, and the panel is made of a whole board. Its price is relatively expensive. The cheapest hemlock wood becomes a door, and the price is more than 600 yuan. Solid wood doors are made of several materials. For example, the frames on both sides of the door go straight to the top and bottom. Some of them are made of three kinds of wood, and the price is slightly lower than that of pure solid wood doors. Compared with the former, the price of solid wood frame door is lower. Because it is impossible to see the difference on the surface, the best way is to buy it from supermarkets or brand stores with high reputation to avoid wasting money





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