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Now everyone's economic level is constantly improving, so the quality of life requirements are also constantly improving. Of course, the pace of life is also faster and faster, the pressure is constantly increasing, and it seems that the sense of fatigue is becoming stronger and stronger, so everyone will think of various ways to relax themselves, and the birth of folding massage bed has become an important way for many people to alleviate fatigue. Folding massage bed can adjust different height and speed according to different people's needs, so it is favored. So which brand of folding massage bed is good? What are the precautions for the use of folding massage bed? Let's follow Xiaobian to understand

which brand of folding massage bed is good

1 Sheraton

Sheraton is a leading medical device brand in South Korea and a very well-known brand in the world. Sheraton has been committed to providing the most ideal healthy daily necessities for global residents. Sheraton has two factories in Tianjin and Yanji in China, as well as an experience center. It is a leading enterprise in the thermotherapy industry in China

2. Elister

elister is a brand of haozhonghao Health Products Co., Ltd. It has been focusing on the production of massage beds, massage chairs and various massage appliances, and the products it manufactures sell well in more than 100 regions around the world. With professional comprehensive laboratories in China and more than 100 technologies and patents, it is a brand worthy of consumer recognition and trust

3. Rico

Rico is one of the well-known leading brands in China's hyperthermic physiotherapy equipment industry, with massage physiotherapy beds and various mattress bedding products. Lica has established a professional design and R & D studio, and is also equipped with professional development and testing equipment. Rico focuses on the development of new products, and the appearance of each massage bed is very humanized. It also has a unique physiotherapy head, which is also paved with a treatment cushion and a built-in warm plate. Through the controller, it can adjust and massage the human body to bring comfort

4. Aiyijia

aiyijia is one of the well-known massage and health care product manufacturers in China, committed to providing consumers with healthy and professional products and services; At present, it has many leading massage appliances

precautions for folding massage table

1 Do not touch Pu surface with sharp and rough objects to avoid damage

2. When smoking, pay attention to avoid possible damage to the surface of the massage table caused by cigarette butts, matches and lighters

3. If you have pets at home, you should pay attention to prevent dogs and cats and other pets from scratching

4. When not in use at ordinary times, cover the bed with sheets, etc

5. Do not jump or do other dangerous actions on the bed to avoid falling and injury

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of which brand of folding massage bed is good and the precautions of folding massage bed. After reading this article, you should have a more specific understanding of the brand knowledge and precautions of folding massage bed





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