50000 to build two rooms in Southeast Asia of Ziyu

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The tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia has always been the place I want to go most. The lush green plants and luxuriant growth can add some impetus to life. If you can't realize this wish, it's better to create such a dream at home. Next, Xiaobian will share a Southeast Asian style small house decoration effect drawing for friends, so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at home

decoration owner files:

decoration community: Ziyu mansion (more decoration renderings of Ziyu mansion) decoration company: Decoration bidding, decoration map house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: Southeast Asian style contract amount: 50000

this is the porch design of entering the door. What comes into the eye is the lush green plants. The lush branches and leaves let us enter a vibrant family, Even depressed people will want to cheer up when they see this scene. The sofa door is hollow out in wood, which brings a mysterious effect. The TV wall is not specially designed. A concave storage table is dug out on the TV, and a small cabinet is placed. It feels good to put some accessories. The elegant crystal chandelier provides sufficient light for the dark space

the temperature and humidity in Southeast Asia are very consistent with the growth of plants, so it is a tourist attraction that many people yearn for. And what will happen if we put this environment at home? Walking into this living room is like walking into the rainforest. The floor is made of ceramic tiles with color stripes, and the sofa patterns are complicated. The tea table is small. Because the living room space is limited, there is no habit of putting a lot of things on the tea table, so a lot of space is saved here. Two murals of tropical plants are hung on the wall behind the sofa

the partition design of the red brick low wall is most suitable in the decoration of small houses. Because there is no door between the kitchen and dining room of this small house, and the bricks with different colors are built into a half wall, the original feeling is quite abundant. It not only fully separates the small space, but also ensures the permeability of the space, so that the small house type will not give people a crowded feeling. The chandelier and the hanging decorations on the wall were chosen by the owner for a long time before they were bought. The whole is quite harmonious. Is the hanging decorations very stylish

[introduction to ziyugongguan community]: Zhuyeshan group made great efforts to build an access network by sitting on the first development trunk road - Avenue, metro lines 3 and 8, Zhuyeshan interchange, Xingye Road, Houhu Avenue, Fazhan Avenue, Huangpu Avenue, etc., and more than 10 bus lines such as 516, 543, 592, 621, 532, 575, 706, etc. pass through the community to quickly connect the three towns

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