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Aluminum alloy doors and windows are customized products, because the layout of each house is different, ranging from wide to narrow, from high to low, and there is no unified size standard for windows. Conventional aluminum alloy doors and windows are rectangular, but there are also many houses for the needs of European style or other style decoration. The doors and windows in balconies, living rooms, bay windows and other places are designed into irregular arcs and triangles. These doors and windows are special-shaped and non-standard doors and windows

real case of yimeide special-shaped windows

the process of conventional aluminum alloy doors and windows is relatively simple, but the process required for non-standard and special-shaped doors and windows is complex. Yimeide has many years of experience in processing non-standard and special-shaped doors and windows, with advanced technology and sophisticated equipment. Many cases of non-standard aluminum alloy doors and windows are distributed in many provinces and cities across the country


― select high-quality aluminum profile ―

if the material of aluminum profile is not good, adding too much Phoenix waste aluminum and miscellaneous aluminum in the furnace will reduce the toughness of the profile, easy to crack, and the bending radius cannot be too small. Yimeide is processed with aluminum profiles extruded from high-purity raw aluminum, and all indicators meet national standards


-- sophisticated equipment and advanced technology

Imade adopts German advanced technology, carefully adjusts the parameters of each process, and uses high-precision equipment to process non-standard aluminum alloy doors and windows. For example, the aluminum profile of the arc-shaped window needs to go through the stretching and bending process. The calculation should be accurate when stretching and bending, and the mold used for stretching and bending should be designed and manufactured. After many times of rolling and bending, the aluminum profile can be stretched and bent to the pre-designed size. The glass of some aluminum alloy doors and windows should also be bent, and the bending angle should be accurate, otherwise it will not fit well during assembly

windows with arc surface and arc top


-- perfect management

there are many processes for non-standard and special-shaped aluminum alloy doors and windows. In order to ensure that high-quality products are processed, yimeide has formulated strict and professional process flow before processing, and relevant departments have implemented strict monitoring and follow-up for the whole operation, so as to complete the quality and quantity on schedule


-- Installation profession

yimeide must undergo strict testing for each product before leaving the factory, and it can only leave the factory after passing the test. After reaching the site, professional installers carefully install each detail, giving the owner a satisfactory effect

the processing quality of non-standard and special-shaped aluminum alloy doors and windows reflects the overall strength of a door and window enterprise. Yimeide always adheres to the spirit of German craftsman, and is committed to the product process Strictly control the processing management, meet the diversified needs with the heart of craftsman, and create a comfortable and comfortable living environment for the majority of owners

Foshan yimeide door and window company was founded in 2008, which is a manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, European villa sunshine room, folding door, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, Pt aluminum doors, etc. Imade has signed grassland singer Ulan Tuya as the brand spokesperson, and engineering cases are all over the country. Imade brand stores are located in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country

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