Decor flooring makes the ground live

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There is no big change in the material of the floor except solid wood and composite materials, but in order to inject new elements into life, businesses have launched a series of decor floors

the material of the floor is composite except solid wood, and there is no big change. However, in order to inject new elements into life, businesses have launched a series of decor floors. These floors are either colorful or exaggerated surface patterns, which can really make the humble ground live at home

colorful floor

the color of ordinary floor is relatively conservative, mostly log color or similar color. The color of colored floor breaks through this limitation, and uncommon colors such as red, yellow, blue and green appear. It is a good choice for young people who pursue a fresh life. Of course, a reasonable color matching can also show a noble and leisurely feeling, which is deeply welcomed by white-collar people

pink, tawny and coffee, the three colors of the floor are crisscrossed together, which looks fashionable and modern

the colors are bold, blue, purple, black, bright red and other colors have appeared, and the collage is messy and orderly, which is very beautiful

flax flooring is mainly made of jute, wood flour, rosin and other materials, which is relatively environmentally friendly and rich in color. Flax floor is thin and easy to cut, so floors of different colors can be cut and paved freely according to needs

this floor is mainly gray and white. In order to avoid the cold feeling, a few pieces of yellow are dotted sporadically, which has a strong sense of fashion

a few light blue floors are inlaid in the milky yellow floor, which is leisurely and natural. Used in the study, it can also relax nervous tension

the paving of flax floor is very simple. After the ground is leveled, use special glue to pave the flax floor. Flax floor has better decoration and heat transfer, which can be used for floor heating

flooring with rich designs and colors

in addition to the color of the floor, the pattern and color are also important factors affecting the beauty. Ordinary floor patterns are mostly wood grain. Now some floors have made great efforts in the pattern. The twigs, irregular shapes and patterns, no matter which pattern, can add vitality and vitality to your room

floor with exaggerated patterns

the surface patterns of some floors are exaggerated. Ordinary decorators just take a look and will not use them in their own homes. But some avant-garde people just like exaggerated things and hope to use these exaggerated floors to create a different sense of art

the surface of this floor is brushed, and the floor paint is also unique, cyan. The color is exaggerated. I don't know what the effect is after large-area pavement




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