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The printing industry has made great contributions to the development of Europe

recently, the International Federation of printing and related industries, together with nine other industry associations, released a survey report on the development status of the printing industry in Europe, aiming to show how the printing industry and EU countries are working together to achieve the 2020 growth target. The report affirmed the achievements of the printing industry, and pointed out its contributions to promoting sustainable environmental development, promoting technological innovation in high-frequency and large amplitude dynamic experiments, expanding the scope of services and promoting economic growth

promoting sustainable development of the environment

the report points out that the forest area in Europe continues to expand under the promotion of the sustainable development plan. In Europe, 5940 square meters of forest are added every year, of which only 57% will be cut down

in terms of paper recycling, European countries have successfully increased the recovery rate of used paper to 54%, which means that they have successfully achieved the goal set out in the European paper recycling statement in 2000

in addition, maintaining the continuous reduction of energy consumption is also one of the factors that make the printing industry more environmentally friendly. According to the Research Report of the International Federation of printing and related industries, during the period from 2007 to 2009 alone, the electricity saved by the paper industry was enough for 500000 families (about 1.3 million people) to use without using tape for one day. With the adoption of new technologies, carbon dioxide emissions from the printing industry have also been reduced. Nanotechnology, fiber separation and gasification technology not only improve the utilization of energy, but also reduce the demand of paper machine for heat energy

promote the innovation of printing technology

the wave of digital technology has injected new vitality into the printing industry. The emergence of new technologies and products such as thermal paper, digital printing equipment and two-dimensional code enables today's printing enterprises to expand their service scope to the fields of database management, service, graphic design and personalized short edition printing

the International Federation of printing and related industries believes that digital publishing and printing will coexist for a long time because they can form a good complement. For example, with the help of digital printing technology, people can buy a strain pulse newspaper in their hometown anywhere in the world

at the same time, printing is also an effective way to improve the cultural level of residents. People in cities can not always get information from digital media. Newspapers, magazines, direct mail and books are good communication and reading platforms

promoting economic growth

the annual output value of the European paper market is as high as 550billion euros, accounting for about 2% of the total GDP of European countries. It can be said that the prosperity and development of the printing industry has promoted the economic growth of European countries

to sum up, it is precisely because of technological innovation and the expansion of service scope that the printing market in Europe presents such a special scene of fierce competition and vitality

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