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Printing goes hand in hand with innovation everywhere

everyone can't do without printing online successful brushes. Books, commodity manuals, food labels, and pharmaceutical packaging printed matter fill people's lives. However, not everyone knows how the accompanying printed matter is produced. More people still understand it at the original stage when printing is one of the four great inventions in China. However, the traditional printing industry in the past is also developing rapidly with the changes of the times, and innovation is the driving force for its development. What is innovation? Is innovation as unattainable as snow in spring and belongs to only a few people

Wang Jian, general manager of R & D center of Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics), gave this answer in an interview with China Publishing News: don't think too mysterious about innovation. My experience is that innovation is everywhere. Innovation exists in every printing enterprise, every equipment manufacturer and ordinary operators of every printing equipment. The significance of innovation is by no means so narrow as technological innovation. Innovation is improvement, ranging from the innovation of everyone's daily work style to the innovation of enterprise management and the innovative grasp of future market trends

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at present, when facing new technologies, domestic printing enterprises usually habitually compare with the previous generation technologies, and build a comprehensive friendly partnership of cooperation between China and Malaysia facing the future. They hope that the new technologies are better than the old technologies at every point, thinking that there is no risk. In fact, this idea is problematic, because every new technology will have a development process from creation to maturity. For example, Wang Jian said, just like people's energy, if you put more energy into a matter, you will put less energy into B matter. Everyone's energy is limited, and different energy points will have different effects

Wang Jian said that although many innovations have triggered a technological revolution in the industry, such as Professor Wang Xuan's Laser Phototypesetting Technology, not every innovation can trigger a revolution, and many other innovative technologies may not bring revolutionary changes. For Indian enterprises, it is particularly important to look at a new technology more rationally

he suggested that when enterprises decide whether to adopt a new technology, they should think in a different way. He suggested that they should pay more attention to the characteristics of the new technology, pay more attention to the advantages of the new technology, and give full play to it, so as to bring new value-added points to the enterprise, rather than making a comprehensive comparison with the inertia thinking, and blindly pursue and wait for the new technology to completely surpass the old technology at every point, By then, it may be too late. At that time, the blue ocean may have turned into a red ocean. This is particularly important at the early stage of the adoption of new technologies by enterprises. With such a foundation, the innovative ideas of printing enterprises will be more open

there are also enterprises with unique vision. When purchasing inkjet printers, these enterprises must choose different effects from traditional printing methods. These enterprises are to give full play to the advantages of digital printing, rather than pursuing consistency with existing traditional technologies. They believe that this will lose the significance of purchasing. Wang Jian said that it is a pity that few enterprises can use this kind of thinking to buy equipment. In particular, he mentioned that due to the greater competitive pressure of Indian enterprises in the label field, the innovation spirit of enterprises in this field is relatively stronger

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what does innovation mean for upstream manufacturing enterprises that provide technology and services? Wang Jian believes that technological innovation is important for upstream manufacturers, but it is more reflected in business model innovation, innovative grasp of future trends, and management innovation of internal operation mechanism

taking Kodak and Manroland's application for bankruptcy protection as an example, Wang Jian believes that the technological innovation ability of the two companies is not bad at all. They both have many patented technologies, which is a drag on their innovation ability in other aspects. Wang Jian believes that Kodak is unique in the film field, which has affected its judgment on the digital market and even turned a deaf ear to the development of digital technology. While Manroland company did not increase its investment in digital technology when the trend of digital technology had become clear, so it fell into a passive situation. Looking at both, the two giants suffered bankruptcy protection because they had no determination to break their arms in the face of their past achievements. The achievements can only represent the past, but they can not correctly grasp the market trend, and the outcome can be imagined. Wang Jian believes that, in fact, the broken arm of a strong man is also a revolutionary innovation, because revolution is often the most thorough innovation

Wang Jian said that many technological revolutions are accumulated from small innovations. Perhaps one change will increase the yield by 1%. If 100 such changes are accumulated, they will be revolutionary innovations. More equipment manufacturers are working tirelessly

as we all know, gaobao company is a typical innovative printer manufacturer. As one of the three international printing giants, it always takes innovation as its development purpose. CEN Han, CEO of gaobao company in Greater China, said in an interview with China publishing that although gaobao company is also experiencing the international financial crisis and the severe winter of industry development, in the face of the crisis, business managers with family business background first started to innovate in internal management, resolutely ended the family management method, and hired professional managers with high salaries, And did not give up investment in technology research and development when profits declined. It is understood that by the end of 2011, gaobao company had achieved positive profit growth for three consecutive years, which is particularly rare in the context of the decline of Manroland company into bankruptcy protection

Founder Electronics is also a typical case of similar results in the innovative grasp of future market trends. Facing the trend of systematization and flow of printing industry, founder electronics replaced the core position of Founder sharp software with a very high market share in 2005. Although the current market situation of process software has not surpassed that of sharp, founder has made up his mind to favor process in all aspects from R & D to business promotion

at the same time, the R & D department set up in the upstream manufacturing enterprises bears the important responsibility of innovation, and the well-known enterprises in the industry spend a lot of money on new technology R & D every year. It is understood that after Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. obtained development funds through listing, it spent a huge amount of money on the research and development of electronic batteries of emerging energy. It can be seen that for equipment manufacturing enterprises, innovation is the lifeblood of their development. According to Wang Jian, an enterprise's R & D department is the pioneer of enterprise innovation. It must think ahead of the market, observe new technologies and fields, have a relatively accurate grasp of industry development and technology development, and enter this field at the right time

innovative printing equipment operator

the innovation department should not only explore new areas, but also explore and improve on the original basis on January 14, 2017. This is reflected in the operators of ordinary printing equipment. Wang Jian said that taking digital printing as an example, although China's digital printing technology has not developed for a long time and there is a lack of relevant skilled personnel, the operators, regardless of their educational background, are very smart. They have summarized a lot of experience according to their actual operation, which is the innovation of the printers themselves. He met many times in person, and even the equipment manufacturers did not think of a convenient operation mode when developing equipment. Innovation is everywhere

in addition, Wang Jian cited two typical cases in which ordinary printers gave full play to their innovative spirit in practical application. An enterprise that uses inkjet technology to produce carpets knows that the nozzle of inkjet equipment is expensive in the industry. If the fiber enters the nozzle in textile spraying, it will cause blockage and scrap the nozzle. The technical workers of this enterprise used innovative thinking to think of using the way of pressing the needle to replace the way of ejecting the ink, which solved this problem

the other is a label printing enterprise. After purchasing a label printing machine, it did not deliberately pursue the printing quality compared with traditional offset printing. After practical verification, the following results were obtained: Jin min's high toughness retention rate PLA material is the same, but combined with the characteristics of label inkjet printing machine and UV ink, it tried to find a way in technology. Its operators have innovatively combined the inkjet technology with the traditional post-treatment process, and the quality has been significantly improved

just like the above, every link and individual bit of innovation in the industrial chain has made the printing industry vigorous and strong. In the future, with more attention to the spirit of innovation, it will accelerate the industrial upgrading and make the industry bigger and stronger

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