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Brazilian printing industry faces recession Brasilia news: the Brazilian Association of printers recently pointed out that compared with last year, the turnover of the industry this year, such as decorative strips or other decorative components in the central console or instrument panel, will decrease significantly. It is estimated that the turnover will drop to US $5.37 billion, a decrease of 20% over US $6.72 billion last year, slightly higher than US $5.3 billion the previous year

the main reasons for the decline in turnover this year are the power restriction policy, high loan interest rates, the economic crisis in Argentina and the devaluation of the Brazilian currency

according to the explanation of the association, the average price of products has dropped by nearly 2/3. Most Brazilian printers do not have their own products. They mainly print manuals, advertising and packaging advertising for other industries, while the business of printed books and calendars is very limited. Therefore, the sales of other industries are poor, and the printing industry will be immediately affected. The power rationing policy reduced the sales of household appliances, electronic and electrical industries, and affected the printing industry. In the next one or two months, the industry will feel the impact of the US "9.11" incident and the US attack on Afghanistan on the Brazilian economy

when the economic situation was good in the first two or three years, the Brazilian printing industry introduced many new printing machines from abroad. Most of these machines were calculated in US dollars. The devaluation of the Brazilian currency increased the debt of the industry

in 1990 and 2000, the total investment in Brazil's printing industry was 6billion US dollars, and the number of jobs increased from 182000 in 1990 to 197000 this year due to the increase in investment

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