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The printing industry in Tokyo accounts for 17.4% of the total industry.

in "new energy passenger vehicle sales fell to 8719 in Tokyo, Japan. The number of manufacturers engaged in publishing and printing is more than 14000, accounting for 20% of the total number of 69000 factories in the first Tokyo capital in China, and still remains the first. Secondly, the number of manufacturers engaged in the metal products industry was 9456, accounting for 13.8%, and the number of factories in the general machinery industry was 7800, accounting for 11.4%

of the more than 14000 companies engaged in publishing and printing, 7261 companies are in the printing industry, accounting for about half. It can be seen that the number of manufacturers in the printing industry is equal to 10% of the total industry in Tokyo

in addition, in the printing industry, there are 2461 printing and printing processing industries, 2152 plate making industries, and 159 printing related service industries, which add up to about 12000, accounting for 17.4% of the total number of industrial manufacturers in Tokyo

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