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In recent years, China's printing industry has made considerable progress, especially the newspaper printing plant, whose development scale and advanced equipment are expanding and strengthening rapidly, and are getting closer to the international level. However, users' requirements for the quality of printing products are getting higher and higher, the competition in the printing market is becoming more and more fierce, and the printing industry is facing severe challenges. More and more printing enterprise managers gradually realize that the ISO9000 international quality management system certification and the adoption of the international quality management system and management mode are the key to ensure the product quality, improve the management level as soon as possible, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise An effective way to meet the needs of the times

how to carry out standard management and scientific management, or how to solve the problem of management effectiveness in 6 result evaluation. ISO9000 quality certification provides us with an effective way to solve this problem. Printing enterprises that have passed ISO9000 quality certification have significantly improved in terms of cost control, internal standard management, and printing quality

actively promote standard implementation certification and effectively improve product quality

in order to jointly discuss the effective implementation of management system consultation and certification in the publishing industry, better help and the large-scale utilization of plastics depend on the continuous progress of material technology to improve the quality standardization management, Beijing Dacheng Xinhua Certification Consulting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the China Institute of publishing Sciences, specially invited relevant insiders and experts to hold a seminar on ISO9000 certification. The participants exchanged views and exchanged views on the management system of the unit. Dacheng Xinhua Certification Consulting Co., Ltd. also said that it would provide more and better management system consulting and certification services for units in the industry

voice from the printing department

iso9000 certification was implemented relatively late in the publishing industry, which is relatively backward compared with other industries. Moreover, the industry standard also focuses on technology. ISO9000 standard certification is implemented throughout the industry, so that the management system standard can escort the implementation of the industry technical standard. The media should increase relevant publicity. It is best to focus on explaining and clarifying doubts for the enterprise. Some negative examples should also be analyzed to point out the existing problems and give everyone a warning. Through analyzing the problems, the enterprise can understand the benefits of ISO9000. The problems to be discussed should be in-depth and continuous, and the content should be loved. At present, the market of certification and consulting industry is relatively chaotic. I hope the magazine column can provide correct guidance in this regard

-- xiejunqi of the General Administration of publication has been actively promoting the standardization of quality management system certification in the whole industry in the past two years. In 2002, it organized industry experts to compile the work guide for quality management system certification in the publishing and printing industry, which was highly praised by people in the industry. In order to implement the outline for quality revitalization promulgated by the State Council and the pressure of market competition faced by the publishing industry after China's accession to the WTO, the general office of the General Administration of the people's Republic of China issued the "notice on carrying out on-the-job training for quality management personnel in the publishing industry" in July 2002, actively organizing and calling the practitioners of the publishing industry to participate in the study and training of the quality management system, so as to improve the quality management level of the practitioners, Enhance the market competitiveness of the employees. In march2003, the General Administration began the preparatory work for the establishment of the "quality certification management office", further standardized the industrial management of certification and consulting markets, and gradually established a government management mechanism for quality management system certification, product certification, safety certification and green publication certification

we hope to better publicize the importance of standardization and quality management system certification in the publishing industry through media publicity. Internally, it can improve and standardize the quality management level of employees, and externally, it can provide high-grade spiritual food for the society and the broad masses of the people. At the same time, it also makes preparations for publicity to establish and improve the industry standardized inspection, conformity assessment and certification mechanism in the publishing industry

-- caijingsheng of the General Administration of publishing

voice from consulting companies

most enterprises have known the significance of ISO9000 certification, but some people do not understand the role of certification and do not have a good understanding. In my opinion, certification and standard implementation is a very common work, which can be said to be the minimum quality assurance qualification for an enterprise. On the one hand, we should not blindly exaggerate the role of certification certificates. To obtain certificates, there should be a market and there should be orders. This is an incorrect view; On the other hand, it can not be denied that the standard implementation certification work plays an important role in manually loading the market and management. The key lies in the enterprise's understanding of this work. Sometimes the results of the same standard implementation work will be different. ISO9000 standard consulting services also provide printing standard technology consulting services and computer information management consulting services, so that enterprises can obtain multiple services with one investment

-- Qian Lei, general manager of Beijing Dacheng Xinhua Certification Consulting Co., Ltd.

voice from certification bodies

the publishing industry used to adopt unified administrative management, and the market consciousness was formed relatively late, so the publishing and printing enterprises started certification relatively late. So far, 99 publishing and printing enterprises have passed ISO9000 quality management system certification in our center, including 13 Xinhua printing plants and 1 publishing house

as an impartial and independent third party in the society, the certification body makes a correct and reliable evaluation and provides certificates for the enterprise's products or management system, but its preliminary consultation shall not be more than 2mm. The implementation of standards and the establishment of management system made by the company to help the certification applicant are the premise and guarantee for our certification body to make a correct evaluation and provide certificates, which is very important to the enterprise. For most printing enterprises, the establishment of a good management model can provide a strong guarantee for their product quality

the publishing industry provides spiritual food. Its customers are not only readers, but also the government and society. At the same time, the system should also comply with relevant laws and regulations. ISO9001 quality management system can take these issues into account and coordinate well. From this point, it is also necessary for the publishing industry to carry out standard implementation certification

sustainable development is an issue that any enterprise should pay attention to, and it is also an issue that ISO9001 certification pays attention to. How can the system operate normally and effectively and how can the certificate be better maintained? For this reason, the certification company will put forward some constructive suggestions to the enterprise in its annual supervision and audit. At the same time, it is hoped that the consulting company will give support in the process of annual supervision and audit and assist the enterprise in correcting the non-conforming items

-- sunyuping, chief engineer of Beijing Greater China Certification Center

experience exchange

Gansu printing center certification has brought new changes

Gansu printing center has applied for certification since November 2001. In the face of high standards, strict requirements and difficult certification work, the center starts from changing employees' ideas, sparing no effort in human, material and financial resources to mobilize all employees to participate in publicity, training, laying the foundation Promote management. After 10 months of hard work, it successfully passed the certification audit in the middle of July, 2002, and was the first to obtain the quality management system certification certificate in the printing and newspaper industry in the five provinces (districts) in the northwest. It has realized the historical transformation of modern scientific management, made the enterprise undergo internal qualitative changes, and brought many benefits

1. Quality improvement in previous years, customer complaints occurred from time to time. Since the certification, the rate of major customer complaints has been zero, and customer satisfaction has increased from less than 80% in the past to more than 85% this year; The quality index of printing products has been hovering at the level of qualified products for many years. After the implementation of certification, the score reached 93.04 points, leaping into the list of good conduct, creating the best level over the years. Among the more than 40 people's printing sites in China, the center's ranking rose from the 12th to the top 8. The occurrence rate of quality accidents decreased significantly. The quality inspection department has stopped 25 quality accidents of customers, and the bosses of three newspapers have personally visited the door to thank them

2. In the past, there were 3-5 days of delayed delivery of newspapers. Some newspapers were not delivered until more than 10 a.m. After the implementation of the certification, the center set up a dispatching room to adjust and strengthen the organization, dispatching and control, so that the delivery time of the newspaper after printing was more than two hours ahead of schedule. 3. cost reduction in view of the large waste of raw and auxiliary materials, the center formulated and implemented the management measures for material consumption quota to strengthen cost accounting, so as to greatly reduce waste, improve utilization and gradually reduce costs

4. Work efficiency improvement in the past, due to unclear responsibilities and procedures, work was often buck passing and inefficient. After the implementation of certification, the division of labor is reasonable, the responsibilities are clear, each department has its own responsibilities, the top, bottom, left and right understand each other, and work actively cooperates and supports more. What used to be a few days of wrangling can now be done in a few hours

5. Equipment assurance: for the use and maintenance of equipment, especially key equipment, the equipment department and workshop have conducted overall, comprehensive and effective control and allocation of personnel, equipment, regulations and environment according to the quality management system operation control procedures. After that, the whole center has formed a chess game to ensure the equipment use assurance ability and avoid the phenomenon of missed work due to machine

in a word, the certification has brought many benefits to the enterprise, such as quality improvement, timeliness enhancement, cost reduction, work efficiency improvement, equipment guarantee, etc. At the same time, the employees' mental outlook and working environment have undergone profound and gratifying changes, comprehensively improved the management level, realized the true transformation, enhanced the market competitiveness, and won praise from superior leaders and customers. Xi'an printing center of the people's agency implements the ISO9000 standard management system

Xi'an printing center of the people's agency has the courage to forge ahead against the current and take the road of management, internal skills training, potential tapping and efficiency increasing under the situation that there are many printing plants, supply exceeds demand, and printing prices fall again and again. In the second half of 1999, the center began to implement the standards. In 2001, it passed ISO9002-1994 certification. After one year of efforts, it passed ISO9001 certification in 2002. Through the implementation of standards for several years, the management of the enterprise has been more standardized, the product quality has been raised to a higher level, a number of old customers have been stabilized, a number of new customers have been developed, and a stable market has been established in the fierce competition. Reviewing the process of implementing standards, they have the following experiences

1. Leaders' attention is the decisive factor

implementing the ISO9000 standard is a relatively large project. Enterprises should formulate quality manuals, procedure documents and operation instructions according to the requirements of the standard. Economically, they should pay tens of thousands of yuan of consulting fees, the first audit and the annual supervision and audit fees after obtaining evidence. Enterprise employees often have resistance to changing their original work habits. These factors will affect the implementation of the standard. Therefore, the attitude of the management or the top management towards the implementation of the standard is the decisive factor for the enterprise to implement the standard

2. Setting up a special agency or having a special person in charge is the basic guarantee for the implementation of the standard

the standard implementation process has a large workload and involves many departments. All departments of our center except the party mass office, property management and finance are within the system. The enterprise shall prepare a set of quality manual and procedure documents according to the requirements of the standards, and improve the third level documents on the basis of the original enterprise management system. Several repeated internal audits and

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