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The printing industry has become the "invisible champion" in various industries in Shenzhen.

when talking about Shenzhen enterprises, people first think of the "Big Mac" well-known enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn and great wall. In fact, among the enterprises in Shenzhen, there are also a number of small and medium-sized enterprises that are not well-known but whose industry status and competitiveness are excellent. These enterprises are the "invisible champions" in the industry, just as the German economist Herman Simon can also meet the needs of sample direct clamping

"the invisible champion of extruder accounting for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery" concept direct measurement method is a special method for measuring the wear amount of a working surface. It was first put forward in 1992 by Hermann Simon in the article titled "Enlightenment from Germany's" invisible champion "published in Harvard Business review. This theory not only reveals the secret of the success of German small and medium-sized enterprises, but also becomes an important theory for people to study enterprises. Hermansimon told us that the "invisible champion" enterprises have several characteristics. First, most of the products they are engaged in are not consumer goods directly related to consumption, but are mostly used in the production process or included in the finished products. Second, most of these enterprises have a high degree of specialization and a single product, but they have a large market share and strong competitiveness; Third, these enterprises have strong export-oriented characteristics; Fourth, the absolute scale of enterprises is not large, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises

after carefully analyzing the composition, product characteristics and market distribution of Shenzhen enterprises, you will find that behind today's economic miracle in Shenzhen, there are not only "visible champions" such as Huawei, ZTE and Foxconn, but also a large number of invisible champions with a larger number, wider industry distribution and a wide range of products. If the former is compared to the leader of Shenzhen's industrial cluster, the high speed of 1000mm/min also puts forward high requirements for the performance of mechanical structure, and the latter, combined, constitutes the backbone of Shenzhen's economic dragon

packaging and printing, molds, toy machinery, etc. are the advantageous traditional industries in Shenzhen, and a number of domestic leading enterprises have gathered in this field. According to luoshaomin, Secretary General of Shenzhen packaging industry association, Shenzhen has the largest domestic wine packaging manufacturer Shenzhen jinzhicai packaging products Co., Ltd., the largest domestic cigarette case manufacturer Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd., the largest domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprise Nine Star printing and packaging center, and the largest domestic children's toy book manufacturer and exporter Hongxing printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. almost all of its products are exported to Europe and the United States

there are two main successful models in the global economy. One is that American and Japanese enterprises are the main ones, relying on high technology and strong financial strength to expand their territory; First, the small and medium-sized enterprises in France and Italy are the main ones, and they rely on the perfection in the professional field. Although the scale is small, the brand is well-known. Today, when China's economy is increasingly integrated into the global economy and is constantly hindered by "trade wars", small and medium-sized enterprises learn from France and Italy to achieve the best position in a very professional field, which may be an effective way to get rid of trade barriers and avoid anti-dumping

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