The hottest printing industry faces a new round of

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The printing industry is facing a new round of reshuffle

the rise of the financial crisis in the United States, the rise in the price of printing raw materials and the promulgation of the labor contract law have made the printing industry face difficulties in rising costs and reducing sales, and the whole industry has entered the winter. According to the analysis of China printing and equipment industry association, the profits of China's book and periodical printing enterprises fell seriously, many small and medium-sized printing enterprises were in a state of loss, and some southern printing plants closed down; Export products and overseas orders in packaging and printing decreased significantly; Affected by the shortage of funds, the sales of printing machinery suffered a setback, and the upgrading of technology and equipment slowed down as a whole

in this case, Jielong group has adopted a positive adjustment strategy. On the one hand, Jielong group has worked hard. Jielong group recently held a working meeting on enterprise internal control management and invited Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu to hold relevant training to improve the enterprise's business level and risk prevention ability. Next, all subsidiaries of the group will work with Deloitte to establish and improve the internal control management system. On the other hand, Jielong has actively arranged and optimized the resource structure. Last year, Jielong Group signed a contract with China International Book Trade Corporation, a subsidiary of China foreign language and Culture Bureau, to jointly establish Beijing foreign language printing Co., Ltd., which successfully entered into the printing field with high profit margin and opened up new development space

as an enterprise with a 35 year history of printing, recently, Fei Junde, chairman of Jielong group, made the actuator plug move quickly to the working position, was selected as one of the 100 outstanding contributors in the national publishing industry and won the publishing honor medal issued by the General Administration of publishing. 86 collectives including Jielong group won the title of advanced collectives in the national publishing industry in earthquake relief

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