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The side of youzhiya door and window is your warmest place to return. Success and failure, laughter and tears are tolerated and understood, so is home

living in this anxious, impetuous, fast-paced, high-pressure modern society, noisy streets, noisy roads, industrial noise, busy working environment, learning pressure, all force your spirit to be in tension. At this moment, we long for the world to be quiet and return our hearts to a quiet land

the sound insulation doors and windows launched by youzhiya doors and windows exist for you. Maybe professionals know that the quality of the sealant strip has a direct impact on the sound insulation effect and service life of the doors and windows. Therefore, the sound insulation sealant strip, wool strip and supporting parts we choose are patented products. After years of market experience and combined with the environmental characteristics of different climatic regions across the country, the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of all products have passed repeated professional technical tests, greatly breaking through the boundaries of traditional sealing functions

according to the test, 30-40 DB is a relatively quiet normal environment, reaching 50 dB will affect sleep, and more than 70 dB will interfere with conversation, causing confusion and inattention. Living in a 90 dB environment for a long time will seriously affect hearing and lead to the occurrence of other diseases

our soundproof doors and windows test results show that when the outdoor noise reaches more than 80 dB, the indoor noise remains below 40 dB. About 40 decibels, in such a space, you can concentrate on your study and sleep safely, and you don't have to worry about being troubled by all kinds of noise anymore

the sound proof doors and windows can be opened in a variety of ways, such as internal flat opening, external flat opening, upper hanging, lower hanging, internal opening, internal inverted, push-pull and so on. The hardware accessories used are all European first-class brands

the side of youzhiya doors and windows is your warmest place to return. Success and failure, laughter and tears are tolerated and understood, so is home

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