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Xindi Jiamei has been committed to eco gate research for 13 years, and has created Chinese Eco gate manufacturing experts with focus, specificity and specialty. Through continuous R & D and innovation, it has been highly recognized by the industry and consumers, and has won numerous honors

kimen is the first choice to join Xindi Jiamei. I have my advantages. Xindi Jiamei wooden door, a core brand of Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd., has been well-known in the industry for its excellent brand image, excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service for many years. In addition, Xindi Jiamei's joining policy has the following advantages:

for 13 years, Xindi Jiamei has been focusing on Eco door research and innovation

for 13 years, Xindi Jiamei has been committed to eco door research, focusing on, single-minded The specialty has created Chinese Eco door manufacturing experts. Through continuous R & D and innovation, it has been highly recognized by the industry and consumers, and has won numerous honors, including special level enterprises of wooden doors, China's famous trademarks, top ten eco door brands, China's environmental mark ten ring certification enterprises, top 30 enterprises of wooden doors, executive vice president units of China wooden door association, wooden door suppliers of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia APEC summit Yanqi Lake International Conference Center wooden door supplier and many other honors

brand concept of environmental protection and fashion

fashionable, romantic, fresh and vibrant product style, standardized storefront, display of standardized products, strengthen the terminal image, which can better meet the psychological needs of consumers, improve the sales capacity of terminals, form a distinct difference with competitors, and enhance the competitiveness of the brand. Xindi jiameimumen believes that only by truly innovating and personalizing products and enhancing consumers' sense of experience can we remain invincible. No matter the construction of Xindi Jiamei brand exhibition hall or the fresh and romantic product display, we can see the consciousness and momentum of Xindi Jiamei ecological door

intelligent customer experience system all-in-one machine helps terminal sales

Xindi Jiamei customer experience system display all-in-one machine, a professional sales tool for agents to improve store performance. Xindi Jiamei customer experience system is the first product intelligent matching software developed in the domestic wood door industry at present, which makes up for the blank of high-tech marketing application in the home building materials industry. Xindi Jiamei customer experience system can accommodate unlimited style wooden door products. Customers can choose their favorite products in different scenarios, which facilitates agents to introduce products to customers more vividly and promotes the continuous upgrading of terminal store sales

scientific and pragmatic marketing concept:

xindijia meimumen establishes a "partnership and win-win relationship" with agents to create a common career platform. Trust partners, assist them in formulating marketing planning plans, establishing marketing teams, establishing marketing networks, providing systematic training and whole process guidance, as well as Xindi business school and brand planning team, which are independent departments to improve sales and make money for customers, to help dealers improve brand awareness and rapidly increase market share

housekeeper service concept:

Xindi Jiamei pioneered the housekeeper service concept, trained dealers from all aspects and angles, and the partnership win-win model has been widely recognized. At the same time, during the holiday terminal promotion season, Xindi Jiamei's professional planning team carefully planned the promotion plan, and carried out brand-new upgrading and packaging of the terminal store, providing a good foundation for promotion and daily terminal sales

1. Management research:

a. The company's marketing specialist made a field visit to the franchise area

b. accurately carry out market prediction and project and profit evaluation

2. Management site selection:

a. send specialists to conduct store inspection and site selection guidance for agents

b. Provide reports on the local building materials market, store location, and market conditions

3. Pipe design:

a. unified and distinctive layout planning in the store, and provide electronic CAD layout drawings of samples

b. unified door signboard design and issue dimensional drawings

4. Management training:

a. Store Manager: special training on store management, order management, customer service, etc

b, shopping guide: training in sales skills such as product knowledge, product pricing, contract signing, customer communication and service

c, installers: installation skills, measurement, map reading, maintenance training, and participate in the actual installation training

5. Pipe decoration:

a. After the decoration is started, the company sends professional designers to provide services such as size review, decoration material selection, construction guidance, etc

B. the company provides standard materials for decoration and layout

c, the company provides decoration material standards and expected effects, and gives specific plans (such as lamps, wallpaper, etc.)

6, management planning:

a, before opening, the personnel of the planning department will investigate and deeply analyze the local market operation, and make an activity planning plan according to the market situation

b. The company's event specialist guides the agent's activity implementation and publicity work one-on-one

7. Management and operation:

a. preparation of the organizational structure of the agent store, formulation of post responsibilities and behavior standards, processes, and output of management systems such as salary system and assessment system

b. implement the standardized store management mode and fully transplant the company's successful operation and management system

8, management time:

a, 20 day precise supply cycle, urgent customer needs, to ensure that your decoration schedule is correct

b. the logistics distribution is timely, and 100% of the goods are damaged and compensated in advance

9. After sales management:

a. the industry's first five-year warranty

b. all product problems can be solved in one stop

10. Management and promotion:

a. discuss and formulate effective marketing plans with agents

b integrate all promotion means and strategic behaviors to meet the needs of consumers

c, all-round brand promotion helps front-line sales




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