Water based is becoming our product memo

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Water based, is becoming our product memo

Kunshan Magnolia Furniture Co., Ltd., located in Dianshan Lake Development Zone, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, is an export-oriented manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development and production of high-grade solid wood kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture. The company has a complete set of independent development, independent design and production procedures, as well as the independent brand "Magnolia". The products are distributed in the East, west coast and North Central America, selling well in 28 states in the United States, and the annual output value increases sharply at a rate of 30% every year. Magnolia has been paying attention to water-based coatings since 2010, and has introduced top water-based coating equipment from Germany and Italy to create a green wood processing enterprise. At present, Magnolia cabinets with water-based paint have officially entered the U.S. market. Although magnolia is an export-oriented enterprise, it does not only take meeting the requirements of overseas buyers as the standard, but is committed to creating added value different from competitors, and at the same time, it is also responsible for the environment around the production place. Therefore, as early as 2010, Magnolia has paid attention to "water-based coating", a green coating technology widely used in Europe and the United States. Realize the switching of water-based technology after determining the feasibility of the water-based Road, Magnolia cabinet spent a lot of money to purchase the most advanced venjakob water-based spraying equipment in Germany. Since the end of last year, the original solvent based production line has been stopped, and it has been fully switched to the water-based spraying production line, realizing the technical switching of water-based coloring + water-based primer + water-based UV system instead of solvent based Pu system. Compared with the original PU products of Magnolia cabinet, the product system of water-based coloring, primer and water-based UV topcoat can not only compare with the original plumpness, oiliness and hardness, but also achieve zero emission in the coating workshop. Since the beginning of this year, Magnolia has begun to ship a large number of water-based cabinets. So far, it has been exported overseas for about 10million US dollars, supplying 30 color categories. In April this year, Magnolia cabinets with water-based paint have appeared at the Chicago exhibition in the United States and received positive comments from many buyers. This also gives Magnolia more confidence. Water-based paint products are becoming an important product label of Magnolia company




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