Ingenious decoration to control room noise

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After decoration, people often find problems such as cracks on the wall and hollowing on the ground; After check-in, you may also find that the noise problems on the ground, pipelines and other places will bring more interference to life. These are due to the problems of the building itself. In particular, the noise and other building defects should be carefully investigated before decoration, and made up through high-quality decoration materials and scientific decoration construction technology

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noise directly affects the quality of life and work, making people prone to emotional fluctuations. Reducing noise pollution is not only the need of environmental protection, but also the need of health

there are mainly several sources of urban noise. One is construction noise, which is phased. The other is traffic noise, which lasts for a long time. The third kind of noise is our living noise, such as the noise of entertainment places, playing mahjong, music TV, etc. if you don't pay attention to these problems in the process of house decoration, it is easy to be affected by noise “ Intrusion &rdquo

the fundamental way to prevent and control noise is to control it from the sound source, that is, to transform the vocal body into a non vocal body. However, in many cases, it is often difficult to control noise directly from the sound source due to technical or economic reasons. This requires the use of sound absorption, silencing, sound insulation, vibration reduction and other noise control technologies




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