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Don't go into "misunderstanding" in the decoration of small and medium-sized apartments

>& gt;& gt; Five Secrets: exquisite small house type

dark color wall

the choice of wall color should be relatively bright color, which can give people a spacious and bright visual effect. The choice of wall color for small and medium-sized houses is relatively difficult, because the space has certain limitations. We do not recommend choosing tones with high lightness and purity, which is easy to give people a visual squeeze. Generally, it is better to choose gray tones with low lightness and purity

complex ceiling design

especially for small and medium-sized household, because the space height is low and the area is narrow, if you choose complex ceiling, especially too regular ceiling, it is easy to cause spatial depression and strong feeling. Designer's suggestion: for small and medium-sized apartments, you should choose simple and thin ceiling design, or do not do ceiling, you can also choose irregular ceiling design, and you can also break through conventional materials and try some new materials, which can expand space without lack of creativity

split floor decoration

the small and medium-sized household space is not large, and some owners often use different materials or colors to separate the floors of various spaces in order to highlight the regional feeling of the interior during decoration, and even the ceiling is matched with it, which is counterproductive. In fact, this will only cause visual confusion, and even the space looks crowded. It is suggested that the choice of floor decoration color should be based on a unified tone with slightly higher lightness but lower purity, and the floor tone should be more important than the furniture tone, so as to avoid the visual misunderstanding of top heavy. In addition, some small embellishments or lines can be inserted to break the original boredom

hard partition

hard partition often hinders people's line of sight, so we should be cautious in the selection of hard partition. The designer recommends that glass partition is the best choice for small house types, such as carved glass, transparent glass, frosted glass, especially in toilets, which are used more in kitchens. Glass partition can not only expand the light and vision, but also is a modern popular decoration favored by many young owners nowadays, which is simple and cheap

too monotonous lighting

simple application of lamps and lanterns will make the whole room look too monotonous. Small and medium-sized units should have clear priorities in the selection and design of lamps. The main lamp should choose a simple and generous ceiling lamp, and then be equipped with desk lamp, wall lamp and spotlight to achieve a good space atmosphere and visual sense of hierarchy, highlight attention, and also pay attention to the clarity of the functions of various lamps and lanterns

spacious furniture

small and medium-sized household types are taboo. Choose some spacious furniture, which should be convenient, practical and small, and also consider the storage function of each furniture. For example, when choosing bedding, look at whether there are drawers around it, and the choice of wardrobe should also be multi-level

unreasonable use of mirrors

mirrors are a necessary decoration in the home. Reasonable use of mirrors will visually extend the space. For example, block or strip mirrors are arranged in dead corners or dark corners. It is forbidden to choose some shaped mirrors under the same area

electrical appliances that occupy space

reasonable use of every inch of space is the perfect concept of home decoration. In the decoration of small and medium-sized houses, in order to save limited space, electrical appliances should be reasonably arranged and selected according to the structure of the space. For example, refrigerators, it is best to choose the style with moderate horizontal and extensible vertical. Televisions should be thin and light, and the installation of sound equipment should preferably choose the wall or top





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