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The opening of Chongqing printing and packaging exhibition is imminent

2013 Dena Chongqing International Printing and packaging exhibition was organized by DENA exhibition group, which has great practical significance. Dena printing and packaging exhibition was the first show in Chongqing. From August 30 to August 30, traders and investors tried to reserve a large amount of non-ferrous metals before the further devaluation of RMB. On September 1, Chongqing Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center invited you to visit and purchase

professional supporting activities, professional authority

2013 innovative flexo printing technology tour conference hosted by China Institute of Printing Science and technology and undertaken by keyin media will be held at the same time with the exhibition. At 13:00 on August 30, it will be held in the conference building of Chongqing Nanping Convention and Exhibition Center. The Forum will invite HP, ASCO, flint Industry experts and enterprise representatives from wilt machinery and other industries talked about how packaging and printing enterprises can realize green upgrading and transformation with the help of flexible printing innovative technology; How to make an ideal investment decision for flexo printing according to the enterprise's own business needs; How to realize the perfect integration of flexo printing innovation technology and existing business processes; How to use flexo printing innovation technology to achieve better quality, cost and efficiency and other hot topics are worth paying attention to

at the same time, there was also a packaging technology training conference hosted by Chongqing Packaging Association, which popularized packaging technology knowledge, analyzed hot packaging topics, and served western enterprises. It was very interesting and should not be missed

comprehensive, meticulous and precise invitation

recently, the last round of one-to-one invitation of buyers was completed, including the invitation of buyers from nine districts in Chongqing, second and third tier cities in suburban counties (Wanzhou, Fuling, Changshou, etc.) and cities in neighboring provinces and cities such as Hunan, Yunnan, Hubei and Shaanxi. The publicity and promotion of the exhibition was detailed to one-to-one invitation of districts and counties to ensure the exhibition visitors. Traditional, SMS, group, e-mail, express and other ways of professional audience invitation, as well as official, official microblog, official platform, professional media and other ways of buyer invitation detonated in an all-round way. At present, more than 2000 VIP professional visitors have registered with precise purchasers, and 2000 VIP purchasers' relevant information has been sent out. We will notify more VIP purchasers' information by SMS and in the form of text messages, which is full of stamina and the rate of attention is rising. We are well aware that the core competitiveness and survival of the exhibition lies in the number and purchasing power of professional visitors and purchasers. We spare no effort to do everything and devote ourselves to publicity and promotion, just to build a platform for technical exchange and trade procurement for you, which should not be missed

value feedback activities, enjoy simultaneously

during the exhibition, three surprise activities, value feedback and enjoy simultaneously were promoted

equipment purchase subsidy travel expense activity when you purchase products on site, you can apply for travel expense subsidy at the labor intensity meeting of the organizing committee with valid bills, and you can exchange cash subsidies on site. No matter where you come from, the organizing committee will provide cash subsidies according to different driving distances, which is very valuable

during the exhibition period of the special price product subsidy activity, a number of popular products were promoted as special price commodities to feed back to purchasers. The special price products ranged from 5000 yuan to 28000 yuan. Ordering special price products can also obtain the special price machine purchase subsidy provided by the organizing committee. The machine purchase subsidy (2) high-end polyolefin subsidies ranged from 500 yuan to 2000 yuan

vip exclusive activities during the exhibition, VIP rest areas will be set up to provide exhibitors and VIP buyers with exclusive rest areas, free coffee, drinks, refreshments, etc. to provide high-quality places for business negotiations between exhibitors and customers, VIP buyers with short breaks, warm creation and extreme exhibition services, which can not be missed

2013 Dena Chongqing International Printing and packaging exhibition, we are ready for an exhibition to help you take the lead in the market and win a broad market in Western China. Please experience more surprises on site

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