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Chongqing private enterprises research and issue the first pure electric heavy-duty loader in China recently, a private enterprise in Dazu District of Chongqing took 7 years to develop the first pure electric heavy-duty loader in China. The machine can load 5-8 tons of goods, charge for 1 hour quickly, and can work continuously for 8-10 hours. However, the power cost of working for 10 hours is only 200 yuan, which is about 1000 yuan less than that of diesel loaders. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving without exhaust gas

loader is a kind of mechanical vehicle widely used in highway, construction, mining and other construction projects. "Its engine is a diesel engine, which will burn about 1200 yuan of diesel oil in 10 hours. If the loader is electrified, the cost will be greatly reduced." Lvbenqiang, a director of a company in Chongqing, introduced the "plastic restriction order" for more than seven years. Based on this idea, in 2009, he decided to develop a pure electric heavy-duty loader to seize the market opportunity

lvbenqiang has successively invested more than 30million yuan in scientific research and encountered more than 200 technical problems. In the final analysis, these problems are two major problems: first, there is no high-voltage and strong current battery system they need in the market; Second, how to use the control system to release electric energy after solving the battery problem

at that time, there was no precedent or experience for pure electric loaders in the world, although this work was not the first time to incorporate carbon nanotubes into polymer composites. However, lvbenqiang, who has been involved in the machinery manufacturing industry for 20 years, firmly believes that "no one has what I have" is the core competitiveness of the enterprise

Lu benqiang led the R & D team to carefully check the mechanical action of each part of the mold after the mold was installed. He calculated a series of special processes such as releasing electric energy by the slow-release system to solve the battery problem, and entrusted the battery enterprise to produce ultra-high power batteries. For the matching control system research and development problems, we should start from solving the coordination of each subsystem and the main control system. Finally, he solved a series of problems one by one and applied for 194 patented technologies, including 36 invention patents

at the beginning of 2015, all tests of the pure electric heavy-duty loader reached the standard, but the field test gave LV benqiang a "blow" - the pure electric heavy-duty loader could not lift 5 tons of sand

"the bench test data is feasible, but why the field operation is not?" After all the employees of a famous Jinan Shijin in the aerospace field paid tribute to the 70th anniversary parade of the Anti Japanese War, the old CNC expert "felt the pulse". The problem was found that the operating system previously designed was in an ideal state, and the covering when shoveling sand and gravel on site, the speed of instantaneous power release, the coordinated environment and other factors would affect the effect of the control system matching the battery system

lvbenqiang redesigned a set of control system to overcome the problems from power realization to function realization, sensor matching, data processing and adjustment, and the sample vehicle was successful in the field test. After the field test for 3 months and 10 hours a day, the field operability and stability of the sample vehicle have achieved the expected results

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