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Chongqing Shaoxin Paper Co., Ltd.: the Listing Supervision is still secretly discharging

although Liangping Shaoxin Paper Co., Ltd. is small in scale, it has a great reputation. Last year, because of its pollution to Yuanyi River, it alerted the southwest supervision center of the Ministry of environmental protection and was listed as a listing supervision case by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. However, as of yesterday, the enterprise was still secretly discharging wastewater

at 2:20 yesterday afternoon, I came to the sewage treatment station of this paper mill. The station is very quiet. There is a mass of stagnant water in the sewage treatment tank, and there is no sign of flow. The main engine is leveled in two mutually perpendicular directions outside the working oil cylinder with a frame level. Spiders are hung at the mouth of one of the tanks, and yellow rust spots are also seen on the sludge processor at the door. Only the sewage outlet of the sewage station rattled, and a stream of yellow waste water was directly discharged into Yuanyi river

does the sewage station also have a lunch break

at 2:23 p.m., when the gate of the sewage station was knocked, a middle-aged woman came to have a look and turned back. The machines in the station then roared, the sewage treatment tank began to flow slowly, and the rusty sludge machine also slowly turned

the wastewater at the sewage outlet is a little clear, but the color is still yellow, with a smell

manager Qiu of Shaoxin paper explained that the peak time of wastewater discharge is in the morning. At that time, production is busy and there is a lot of wastewater. We increase our power to deal with it. At noon, the workers have to take a lunch break. The amount of waste water produced is relatively small, so the sewage station will pause for a while and do not treat the waste water

he said that if the sewage station operates for 24 hours, the equipment will be damaged easily

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said: this can not be an excuse for direct discharge of wastewater. Unless encountering an emergency that is irresistible to human forces, the sewage station can not discharge wastewater directly when using and designing the plastic packaging materials

electronic police did not start work

the sewage outlet of Shaoxin paper industry is equipped with electronic police monitoring facilities. Theoretically, the pollutant concentration and flow of these yellow wastewater will be transmitted to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau every day. Law enforcement officers in the main city office can keep abreast of the processing technology and zero cover valve port pollution of the exclusive Ayong servo valve at any time

in Shaoxin paper's office, it can also be checked at any time through the machine. It was seen at the scene that the first machine did not display data and seemed to have stopped. After debugging for a while, manager Qiu explained that the data transmitted by this machine is not accurate. We have changed the machine. Please see another one. The other machine never displays data

in the monitoring system of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the pollution discharge of Shaoxin paper yesterday has been zero, which is obviously inaccurate

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau explained that before September 30 this year, Shaoxin paper was required to complete the commissioning of the electronic police, apply for acceptance, and let them formally take up their posts to strengthen supervision. If Shaoxin paper fails to complete on time, it will be punished

the environmental protection bureau asks the public to supervise

this paper mill is located in Yuanyi Town, Liangping County, at the junction of Chongqing and Sichuan. The Yuanyi River in front of it flows into Dazhu and other places in Sichuan through Liangping, causing serious pollution

in May last year, due to the pollution of the river by Shaoxin paper and another enterprise, the southwest supervision center of the Ministry of environmental protection was alerted and sent inspectors. Shortly after that, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau listed the pollution of Yuanyi River as a listed supervision case and required to stop production for treatment. Only after passing the acceptance can production be carried out. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said yesterday that the public are welcome to supervise this. If the Listing Supervision is not implemented, the rectification has gone through the motions, and the enterprises will be investigated in conjunction with the Municipal Economic Commission, the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of justice and other nine departments. Although the test scope is limited to the maximum experimental power, it will be circulated to the relevant districts and counties for criticism

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