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Chongqing: the price of paint and coating rose by 5% ~ 10% for some products.

Chongqing: the price of paint and coating rose by 5% ~ 10% for some products.

April 12, 2012

[China paint information] it is understood that due to the high price of international crude oil, paint and paint products greatly affected by the price of crude oil are now raising their prices, and the price of paint in the market has risen by 51 One portal type main engine is% ~ 10%. Some paint brands even raised their prices twice in the first three months of this year

when I came to many building materials cities in the city, I found that many paint brands have adjusted their prices, and some medium - and high-end products have increased by 10% on this basis. "Since last December, the prices of some medium and high-end coatings in the market have" started to rise as far as I know. " Yangfang, a salesperson at Dabao paint store in Linjiang decoration City, told her that in February this year, her store received a notice of price increase from the manufacturer, and the inventory began to implement the new price list. "Such a 20 kg Dabao coating has been raised by an average of 40 yuan/barrel. At present, the price is 640 ~ 680 yuan/barrel."

the salesperson of domestic first-line brand emulsion paint told that he received the price adjustment notice from the manufacturer at the end of last month, and the prices of some products rose by 5% ~ 10%. At present, the prices of various brands of paints and coatings are rising across the board, and some paint brands are preparing to raise prices again in April

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