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Chongqing North Jiefang Logistics: win in decision-making, win in speed

Chongqing North Jiefang logistics company was established in early 1994. It is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise with a registered capital of 9.55 million yuan and a total asset of 76.94 million yuan, including fixed assets of more than 27.14 million yuan and capital flow of 49.8 million yuan. It is a four in one service function system specializing in vehicle sales services, vehicle business services, transportation attachment services, warehousing and pick-up services. The company has automobile trade branch of Chongqing North Jiefang Logistics Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Branch of Chongqing North Jiefang Logistics Co., Ltd. which can carry out maintenance according to the technical status of machinery, Jiefang commercial vehicle sales service center, Jiefang Truck Parts Chongqing center, etc

modern logistics is relative to traditional logistics. On the basis of traditional logistics, it introduces high-tech means, that is, using computers to connect information and scientifically manage logistics information, so as to speed up logistics, improve accuracy, reduce inventory and reduce cost, so as to extend and enlarge the functions of traditional logistics

Chongqing North liberation Logistics Co., Ltd. is developing at a high speed along the direction of modern logistics. At the same time, it is also facing a series of problems emerging in the company's operation and management, such as the unavoidable mistakes of traditional manual accounting, which are time-consuming and laborious, and also make the financial data inaccurate, resulting in untimely data analysis; However, due to the independent statistical data of the business department and the financial department, the company's internal relevant information cannot be shared. A lot of repeated work not only does not reduce the occurrence of inconsistency between accounts and reality, but also lags behind the statistics of procurement, supply, sales, inventory and other data, which directly affects the company's business decisions

enterprise leaders realize that it is impossible to rely on the original traditional extensive management, and modern information management technology must be introduced into the operation and management. In 1999, Chongqing North Jiefang Logistics Co., Ltd. cooperated with Chongqing zero Technology Co., Ltd. and began to use Kingdee 2000 industrial edition, a department level product of Kingdee, to carry out modern information management starting from clarifying the company's finance. With the improvement of the accuracy of financial data, there are higher requirements for the accuracy of data and information of the company's main business departments such as procurement, purchase, warehousing, replenishment and distribution. The management personnel of the logistics company also communicated with Chongqing zero Technology Co., Ltd. for many times. However, the business version products at that time could not fully meet the requirements of the company, and the financial business integration work was temporarily suspended

in 2005, Kingdee kis professional edition was launched. Chongqing zero technology sent relevant technicians to introduce the latest Kingdee product, so that northern Jiefang logistics company could quickly realize the integration of business and Finance with the help of Kingdee kis professional edition's simple and professional management ideas. The company immediately decided to upgrade the original products. The new Kingdee kis Professional Edition enables the company's managers to grasp the operation of the whole company more quickly; The data exchange platform that can be imported and exported greatly facilitates the statistical analysis of data; More personalized report customization and data query enable each department to track the execution of each order in time. The application of KIS Professional Edition solves the problem that the financial and business data of logistics companies are separated in a short time and cannot be integrated for accounting; Unable to share business department data; Lack of standardized business processes, although they have also developed various small panel control systems; Disordered inventory management; Unable to timely understand the sales and delivery conditions; The lack of a large amount of data statistical analysis and other long-standing problems eventually make the collaboration of various business departments faster, faster response and simpler management

now the company's managers can open the "boss report" to see the operation status of the company on that day, and can also use various assessment forms to achieve the efficiency management of the enterprise and formulate good operation decisions and policies. Each staff member or middle management level of the company can also timely fill in and obtain various information and reports through relevant application modules, including statistical data of shipment and sales, analysis of warehouse shortage rate, report of inventory loss rate, statistical report of returned goods, analysis of utilization rate of operators, etc. The informatization construction in the past eight years has brought Chongqing North liberation logistics company to a higher level of management and brought benefits. The company has made great progress and gradually become a real modern logistics company. The company's service concept of "customer first" and its service tenet of "amiable, fast, effective and reasonable" are increasingly understood, trusted and praised by customers, becoming an influential leading enterprise in Chongqing market and even in Southwest China

customer comments (with kis, I can win):

suyongling, manager of the finance department - fine management, accurate decision-making

Kingdee kis Professional Edition statistics and query to speed up the development of key areas is particularly conducive to our company's purchase, sales and inventory business management. However, abs+gf materials often encounter floating fiber problems as appearance parts to facilitate the query of real-time inventory. Inventory alarms help us better control inventory and ensure timely shipment, It can analyze the sales and shipment of the company in various places in real time to help the company make better decisions. (end)

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